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Conference Schedule

09:00 Registration
09:30 Conference Programme
17:00 Networking Reception


Conference Programme

09:30 – 09:35
Welcome Remarks
Amy Jo Smith, President, DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group

Session I: A Look at the U.K and U.S. Markets

09:35 – 10:10
UltraViolet U.S. Status Report
The opening presentation sets the stage for the day’s agenda by sharing important data on usage patterns, consumer take up and development of the format in the United States. Key topics covered include:

  • The challenge of scale as adoption grows and what this means to us;
  • Who’s involved – from small to large content providers and retailers;
  • Consumer focus; and
  • Milestones

Mark Teitell, General Manager, Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE)

10:10 – 10:30
The Market Environment in the UK
Overview of the UK market environment, including retail distribution structure and the competitive arena.
Richard Cooper, Senior Principal Analyst, Electronics and Media, IHS Screen Digest

10:30 – 11:00
UltraViolet in the UK : Moving Forward
Retailers and studios discuss their strategies around consumer outreach and adoption. What is the feedback from both consumers and business units to date? What lessons are being learned? What are the next steps in collaborating to grow the sell through market in the UK?
Moderator: Bob Auger, Editor M&E Europe, MESA Europe
Fiona Eastwood, Director, Consumer Products, BBC Worldwide
Rob Salter, Experienced Entertainment and Retail Executive
Jo Willams, Vice President, European Digital Distribution, Warner Bros

11:00 – 11:30

Session II: Launching UltraViolet in France and Germany

11:30 – 11:40
The Market Environment in France
Overview of the market environment in France, including retail distribution structure and the competitive arena.
Jean Yves Mirski, General Manager, SEVN

11:40 – 12:10
UltraViolet in France: Planning for Launch
Regional retailers and studio divisions discuss their strategies around the UltraViolet launch in France and the issues they are facing in bringing the format to market.
Moderator: Yves Caillaud, ‎Europe Region Managing Director, Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE)
Tristan du Laz, Deputy Chief Executive Officer,TF1 VIDEO
Eric Legay, Marketing Director France & Benelux, Universal Pictures Video
David Morgo, Sales Director, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment France
Emmanuel Rochedix, Culture/Entertainment Director, Carrefour

12:10 – 12:20
The Market Environment in Germany:
Overview of the market environment in Germany, including retail distribution structure and the competitive arena.

12:20 – 12:50
UltraViolet in Germany: Planning for Launch
Regional retailers and studio divisions discuss their strategies around the UltraViolet launch in Germany and the issues they are facing in bringing the format to market.
Moderator: David Millar, Director of Communications, MESA Europe
Konrad Best, Director Offer & Content, maxdome Betriebs
Andreas Bork, Head Of Digital & Online GSA, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment GmbH
Hans Henseleit, Managing Director, Videociety
Kai Marner, Marketing Director, Warner Home Video Germany

12:50 – 14:00

14:00 – 14:30
Making UltraViolet a Success – Views from within the Industry
UltaViolet will impact on a broad range of companies involved in the home entertainment business, from a variety of different perspectives. In this session we invite the views of some of the key people and organisations that are keen to see UltraViolet become established and ask them to share their views on what needs to be done to make it a commercial success.
Moderator: Jim Bottoms, Executive Director, MESA Europe
Steve Brown
, Chief Executive Officer, Cinram Digital
Rudy Martinez, Head of Concept Design, ASG

Session III: UltraViolet Workshop

14:30 – 14:45
Unlocking the Value in CFF
Learn about the developments around the Common File Format (CFF) for UltraViolet, what it is and how it drives efficiencies in the supply chain for both content holders and retailers. This presentation looks at how CFF impacts quality and portability for consumers but also how updatability impacts what content is offered including late binding of value added materials for additional revenue opportunities. It also illustrates how CFF utilization and player deployment will enable more cost-effective user data capture, a significant benefit to retailer marketing strategies.
Mark Turner, Director, Content Relations, Dolby

14:45 – 15:20
Preparing and Planning Content for an UltraViolet Title Launch
A discussion on why collaboration is the key to long-term success when developing a strategy around UltraViolet releases including guidelines and best practices for companies using local, national and international service providers in their content workflow. Panelists will engage in a dialogue around the issues and roles played by the many companies involved in bringing UltraViolet content to digital retailers.
Moderator: Guy Finley, Executive Director, MESA
Christopher Bell, Vice President, Direct to Consumer Solutions, GENERATOR, Sony DADC
Jason Gish, Senior Vice President, Film and Television Services, and General Manager, US Operations, Testronic
Jason Keane, Chief Executive Officer, Saffron Digital
Tim McConnell, Executive Vice President, Engineering, Solekai Systems
Kent Steffen, President and General Manager, CSGi’s Content Direct
Thomas Stilling, Vice President of Product and Promotion Management, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

15:20 – 15:30
UltraViolet & EIDR Unique IDs – Don’t Reinvent the Wheel
UltraViolet works best with one standardized unique ID. Learn how to take advantage of industry best practices and prepare for the future of media work flows by using an open industry standard ID to streamline UltraViolet content preparation.
Kip Welch, President and Chairman, Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR)

15:30 – 16:00

16:00 – 16:15
Moving Forward with Marketing UltraViolet
Rich Marty leads the Digital Entertainment Group’s UltraViolet Marketing committee. In this preliminary marketing presentation we will learn about the lessons learned over the last twelve months of promoting UltraViolet and how these lessons will change the approach moving forwards.
Rich Marty, Vice President, Emerging Platform Development & Marketing, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

16:15 – 16:55
Marketing UltraViolet
This panel will examine the various tools that marketers can utilize in getting the message across to consumers and how the consumer is being educated about their digital options. What needs to be done and how do we go about it across multiple languages and territories? What plans are already in place and who is the target audience as the global roll out of Ultraviolet proceeds?
Moderator: Rich Marty, Vice President, Emerging Platform Development & Marketing, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Richard Benson, Marketing Director, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Sarah Craig, Vice President and Marketing Director, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group (UK & Eire)
Dorinda Marticorena, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Marketing and New Technology, Warner Home Video & Warner Bros. Digital Distribution

16:55 – 17:00
Closing Remarks/Final Q&A
Jim Bottoms, Executive Director, MESA Europe


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