The Roadmap for Europe Unfolds…

Following last year’s UK launch, UltraViolet is now readying its European launches with France and Germany. At this auspicious point, the international home entertainment industry will once again gather to discuss its roadmap for Europe, along with updates on how things are going in the U.S. and UK. How are these markets different in terms of consumer adoption patterns? What is the status report from the U.S.? How has the user experience evolved? And what do the retailers have the say about this collaborative studio/retail digital initiative?

If you’re involved in any aspect of the UltraViolet ecosystem, the Academy on UltraViolet: The Roadmap for Europe is a must-attend event. Speakers from the major Hollywood studios and independent production companies will be joined by retailers, technology service providers, broadcasters and a range of other interested parties in providing a detailed and meaningful account of where UltraViolet is going in Europe and the US.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • UltraViolet US Status Report
  • The Market Environment in the UK, France and Germany
  • UltraViolet in the UK: Moving Forward
  • UltraViolet in France and Germany: Planning for Launch
  • Preparing and Planning Content for UltraViolet Title Launch
  • Preparing for a Retail Service Launch
  • Evolving the UltraViolet User Experience
  • Marketing UltraViolet

The line-up of participants is growing by the day. ”We are getting particularly strong interest among retailers and the local independent content companies” said Jim Bottoms of MESA Europe, joint promoters of the event. “We are also encouraged by the interest shown by industry associations and potential sponsors who are keen to reach out to the delegates.”

A particular feature of this year’s European event will be an in-depth focus on each of Europe’s leading markets, with local retailers and content companies signing up to participate, as the industry prepares to launch in both France and Germany and lays out the next steps for building interest and awareness in the UK.

Who will be attending:

  • Hollywood Studios
  • Content Owners
  • Content Producers and Creators
  • Retailers
  • Online Content Distributors
  • Service Providers
  • Industry Associations
  • CE Manufacturers
  • Broadcasters

For further information on the remaining speakers and sponsorship opportunities please contact:

Jim Bottoms
T: +44 (0) 1908 326 579

David Millar
T: +44 (0) 1908 326 579

Guy Finley
T: +1 917-513-5963

Save the date and join us on 11 September to hear the latest!

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