Academy on UltraViolet

The Academy on UltraViolet is designed to provide an authoritative update about new technology challenges and creative opportunities in the UltraViolet production community. What new efficiencies in workflow/production schedules and technology advances will drive the emerging format’s continued evolution, while expanding consumer focus on new opportunities for packaged media?


About DEG:
DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group is a Los Angeles-based, industry-funded nonprofit corporation that advocates and promotes the many consumer benefits associated with various home entertainment products, including both physical and digital media on a variety of platforms. The DEG helps provide information and perspective about the home entertainment industry.

The DEG also offers a forum for member companies to engage in ongoing discussions concerning various opportunities related to promoting established categories, evaluating and discussing new entertainment platforms and investigating supply chain efficiencies.


About MESA:
The Media & Entertainment Services Alliance was formed in 2009 by the co-founders of the Entertainment Supply Chain Academy event as well as the Hollywood IT Summit, Blu-Con, Game Supply and Burbank Think Tank events. Its mission is to support entertainment service providers in building efficiencies in the creation, production and distribution of physical and digital media and entertainment.

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